About us

iCare Service provides the highest quality replacement parts and accessories for damaged iPhones and iPad’s, HTC, MI, Vivo, Oppo and Motorola devices, as well as tablets like the Kindle Fire and for the laptop. Insurance and warranties from your service provider can be a huge hassle and most of the time lead to disappointment. Every generation of smartphones is more expensive than the last, especially if you are looking to buy a brand new device. We can provide you with parts and tools to replace a cracked screen yourself, which is less expensive and more convenient than sending your phone back to the manufacturer or a repair shop for a few days.

We provide excellent customer service – our management strives to put our customers first by handling every inquiry as personable as possible. iCare Service will ONLY provide replacement parts that we know you can install yourself. Unlike many other distributors such as eBay and Amazon, we do not advertise or sell replacement parts that the average person could not install themselves.

All screen replacements are securely shipped with ESD safe bubble wrap to prevent electrostatic damage and in sturdy boxes with extra packing material, rather than in unprotected padded envelopes like many companies. We have a 24-hour processing and shipping time, which means that most of our orders ship the same day. We keep our shipping costs modest. We are constantly making efforts to expand our selection by adding more parts for the newest and most popular models as they become available. Also, we are currently working hard to release video repair guides and detailed step-by-step written instructional guides for every model of smartphones and tablets we provide replacement parts for.

With the help of iCare Service, you can get your smartphone or tablet looking and working like new again! By using top quality glass touch screen digitizers and LCD screens you can repair your device for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire device. Be sure to check out our full-screen repair kits, made specifically for each model and screen replacement!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to hear from customers that may have any questions, concerns, and suggestions!