Battery Replacement for iPad 6

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If your Apple iPad 6 battery is just not holding the charge as well as it used to, or maybe the iPad 6 has been left unused for a long period of time, and no matter how much you charge the iPad 6 battery it will not fully charge or still remains dead.

It’s no secret that Lithium ION batteries in Apples iPad devices do not last forever. Lithium ION naturally degrades over time, and iPad batteries are designed to typically do around 500 cycles before they start to degrade.

If this has happened to you, and you struggling to keep your iPad powered up for more than a couple of hours, chances are this battery replacement from iCare Service is the best way for you to keep repair costs down, and battery performance high!

What does “Battery cycle” mean?

A battery cycle count is referring to the process of charging a rechargeable battery, then letting it discharge. This applies to the amount of times it has been drained and re-charged. Some re-sellers of batteries claiming to have Apple Original 0 Cycle batteries, may have used software to re-set the battery cycle count, however the battery life will still be poor. It is always worth checking the credibility of the company and repairer and their knowledge of their batteries before making any purchase.

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    Good product and good price.

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